We haven't done enough talking The words get caught in my throat My vision of you grows foggy So I look up in frustration But the weather is growing in complexity The cloud of confusion above our heads gets thicker everyday But I can't tell if it's brewing a storm, or if it will pass … Continue reading Storm


On Hold

You put me on hold again The phone feels cold against my ear I'm stuck listening to the mind numbing music you leave in your wake Every time it does another loop, my heart sinks a little deeper in my chest My mind keeps hoping, Keeps wondering, when you'll come back Wondering if you ever … Continue reading On Hold

we can’t play anymore

You make me cry when I should be happy We've been doomed from the start But we still play our game It always ends the same You always hold the cards And each time, You light me up and then leave me to burn But anytime you say my name, I'll still come running back … Continue reading we can’t play anymore